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ICYMI: Former ESPN Host Says LeBron James Considering A Run for POTUS ‘Some Day’

The following article, ICYMI: Former ESPN Host Says LeBron James Considering A Run for POTUS ‘Some Day’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

You either love or hate Skip Bayless, if you listen to sports talk radio. He’s a character, to be certain. That being said, the former ESPN personality and current Fox Sports talking head has been around all things sports for decades.

He knows people. He has connections. And according to Skip, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who openly supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has been wildly critical of President Trump since he first took office, is considering running for president of the United States “some day.”

You’d have to imagine based on popularity and his name alone, LeBron would snag quite a few votes – similarly to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger when he ran for governor in blue California.


More from Breitbart:

Or, one could look at the fact that the report came from Skip Bayless, someone given to hyperbole and attention grabbing statements, and not take it seriously at all. Though, one imagines James would have the popularity and financial backing to make a better run at the presidency than half the current Democratic field, should he decide to do so.

If you ever listen to James speak, you’ll quickly deduce that he isn’t a very smart guy. Of course, the Lakers star has earned more money beyond his wildest dreams playing a child’s game, yet still has bad things to say about his country on a relatively regular basis.

If LeBron’s goal is the be the Colin Kaepernick of the NBA, it’s working.





James later clarified:

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I don’t think that james would be anywhere near smart enough to tackle being in the White-House. The man is only good at dribbling, both on and off the court.

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