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Joe Biden Goes On Record, Says ‘No One Needs An AR-15. Period.’

The following article, Joe Biden Goes On Record, Says ‘No One Needs An AR-15. Period.’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Like a good Democrat, 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden knows what’s best for you. Never mind the absolute fact that guns save lives. That always goes overlooked by the left.

But Joe is probably up most nights wondering why he’s trailing behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg in the polls, huh? Could it be reasons like this quote? Could it be that people just don’t like the guy?

There’s no wrong answer, really. The walking gaffe-machine just doesn’t connect with people as well as some in the mainstream media want Americans to believe.



Forget the presidency. This man needs his own reality show.

It would probably do well in the ratings.

Imagine Joe running around beaches, malls, parks, asking people all sorts of random questions and trying to be funny.

From Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden snapped at a voter in Iowa in Tuesday as the 77-year-old candidate put his hands on the man and told him to go vote for someone else.



Tom Steyer’s reaction:

Biden claims that he’s a liberal but his actions over the years tell a different story. He’s not really anything other than ignorant.

This report about the 2020 Democrat frontrunner paying women less than men for three and a half decades while a senator from Delaware should have the left in a tizzy.

But it won’t.

From Free Beacon:

Women working for former vice president Joe Biden were paid less than their male counterparts during the entirety of Biden’s 35 years in the U.S. Senate, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

When Biden joined the Senate in 1973, the average pay for a full-time female staffer in his office was $5,029, about 68 percent of the $7,383 average paid to men during that span, according to the secretary of the Senate’s first spending report for the 93rd Congress. A Free Beacon analysis of spending reports covering Biden’s full Senate tenure found that he never achieved gender pay equity. Over the course of Biden’s time in the Senate, women on average earned just 67 cents for each dollar earned by men.

H/T: Twitchy

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The Democrats who claim the AR-15 needs to be outlawed do not know anything about our country. First of all, the Second Amendment authorized the American people to own guns. Joe Biden needs to talk to the pregnant woman who saved her family after 2 armed burglars broke into her house, pistol whipped her husband, all the while demanding money and other valuables. The pregnant woman of the house went into action by firing her AR-15 at one of them and hit him. The other one fled on foot to never be seen again. The wounded burglar was found a… Read more »

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