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Democrat Senator Calls for Dems to Censure President Trump Instead of Convict (Details)

The following article, Democrat Senator Calls for Dems to Censure President Trump Instead of Convict (Details), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Blue dog Democrat Joe Manchin (WV) is asking Democrats to censure President Trump. Here’s the story, via Fox News:

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, speaking on the Senate floor about the impeachment efforts Monday, urged his colleagues to formally censure President Trump — saying that while the president’s dealings with both Ukraine and Congress were “simply wrong,” he is “struggling” over whether to vote to convict and remove him from office and potentially “tear the country apart.”

At the same time, Manchin also condemned the Republican-controlled Senate for failing to call additional witnesses in the impeachment trial, saying “history will judge the Senate harshly” for failing its constitutional duty to “protect our democracy.”


Democrat Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY) was chosen to be a House impeachment manager by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On Friday, Jeffries said something so blatantly ignorant about President Trump that he should be removed from his post. It’s really that simple.

From The Hill:

Jeffries stood out during the impeachment trial as someone who launched sharply worded rebukes against the president and his GOP defenders while also eloquently framing the motivation behind Democrats’ decision to push forward with impeachment.


Pelosi’s decision to tap him is a sign that the Speaker trusts Jeffries, who has quickly risen through the ranks to be the No. 5 Democrat after being elected in 2012.


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Manchin needs to concentrate on his constituents instead of censuring the president for doing his constitutional job. What an idiot! That is the problem all Democrats have. They want to prosecute a Republican for doing something much less as bad as their Democrat president did. Obama and Biden did some really impeachable things in Ukraine, but they ignore them and want to impeach a Republican for doing his job of looking into their crimes. That is why we call all Democrats hypocrites.


Manchin is a liberal fence rider,he is double minded and wishy washy,I don’t know to much about censuring Trump or what that would mean,but I doubt it would matter in the least,you have the opposing party inventing a large load of BS about Trump,and then they want him investigated till Hell freezes over,how about we investigate these loser,and after we get the dope on them,we kick their butts out of Washington DC and start their time in the big house where they belong.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Manchin is content to do nothing but suck diseased loon cheese Dick…. Ride the tax payer provided Gravy Train until he mummifies in public office….!

tom s

Although manchin is likely the “best” dem politician in DC, but he’s still sitting on the leftist side of their aisle. Too bad that West Virginia voters cannot find a conservative to serve and better attend to America’s best interests..

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