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Obama Referred to Trump As ‘Fascist’ During Private Call With Hillary Clinton VP Tim Kaine

The following article, Obama Referred to Trump As ‘Fascist’ During Private Call With Hillary Clinton VP Tim Kaine, was first published on Flag And Cross.

At this point, it should be very evident to the nation that Democrats do not understand what a “fascist” is. Fascists shut down the other side by any means necessary. Clearly, that is not a tenet of the Republican Party. However, Democrats seem to have taken a liking to the political style over the years.

During a phone call with then vice presidential-candidate Tim Kaine, Barack Obama referred to then-candidate Donald Trump as a “fascist.” Now, maybe Obama was being strategic and placing keywords in Kaine’s ear for him to use on the campaign trail, but the fact remains that the left is clueless on most issues – especially surrounding Trump and the Constitution.

From Daily Wire:

Former President Barack Obama has been casually critical of President Donald Trump but, it seemed, mostly resisted using the derogatory language of progressive activists to describe his successor.

According to “Hillary,” the documentary about Hillary Clinton and her 2016 loss to Trump, however, it seems Obama reserved his more pointed criticism for private conversations and referred to the now-current president as a “fascist” in a phone call with Clinton’s vice presidential candidate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine — at least according to Tim Kaine.


The Atlantic reports that the documentary, which premiered this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival to mostly rave reviews, shows Kaine deep in conversation with Clinton over an exchange he had with the former president over Clinton’s low-key presence on the campaign trail. To reassure Clinton that Obama was on her side despite the criticism, Kaine claimed that Obama had called Trump a “fascist” in conversation.

Kaine said, “President Obama called me last night and said, ‘Tim, this is no time to be a purist. You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House.’

It’s pretty wild how easily Democrats forget history. From 2008-2016, there was no greater human being that ever existed than Barack.

Now, the 44th president is almost an afterthought. And what is the problem Dems have with Barry Soetaro, exactly?

It’s that he has told 2020 presidential candidates to stop going so far left. Even Obama knows you can’t win an election in America by running as a socialist.

Because of this, some lefties are labeling Barack a “conservative.”


“President Obama is a conservative,” @Swerdlick tells @smerconish.

Obama “believed in using government to change people’s lives…in a way that preserved the way his predecessors had done things and also that had preserved a traditional American sense of the American Dream.”


One problem we face in our current moment is that our pundit class appears to have an implicit theory of language and political discourse that goes roughly “lol words.”

Swalwell’s fart was smarter than this.

Modern liberalism seems to be all about topping themselves in a competition of the nonsensical

There’s only one possible result in that sort of sport — the participants lose their damn minds

It just goes to show that there is no low the left won’t stoop to tear down Republicans, conservatism, capitalism, and everything else that makes America great.

Perspective: Democratic presidential candidates still can’t figure out how to talk about the most popular figure in their party, @Swerdlick writes, and there’s a simple reason.

Barack Obama is a conservative.


This article, written by an austere religious scholar, was brought to you by the letters B and S.

Perspective: Whoever wrote this argument, whether it be @Swerdlick or his editors, *really* doesn’t know (or care about) anything about conservative political philosophy, nor do they care about the basic importance of semantics.

That’s some gaslighting at the highest level right there!!

Soon enough, he will become an Alt-Right figure in the minds of leftists.

They’ve been trying to move the goalposts of the political spectrum for decades. They are beginning to succeed. Soon, even a hint of capitalism will be vilified.

H/T: Twitchy

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tom s

And not surprising coming from the worse excuse for a president ever in America. Have to remember that the dems always call out the opposing side for what they them selves have done.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

So….! The de-frocked 1st Queer also said that he himself is the King Of Freakish Queers….!

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