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Illinois Admits Automatic Voter Registration Led to Illegal Ballots, Nearly 600 Non-Citizens Added to Rolls

The following article, Illinois Admits Automatic Voter Registration Led to Illegal Ballots, Nearly 600 Non-Citizens Added to Rolls, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Democrats continue to fight for what is not in the best interest of Americans. Why do this? To stay in power. It shouldn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure that one out. Check out what just happened in blue Illinois, via Free Beacon:

A watchdog group has requested records from the Illinois State Board of Elections after 574 noncitizens were added to its voter rolls, allowing some of them to vote illegally in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity law firm, made the request on Thursday after the board admitted the error. The individuals in question were improperly invited onto the rolls through a glitch in the state’s automatic voter registration system while applying for a driver’s license or state identification.


The watchdog says Democratic politicians are pushing automatic voter registration at the expense of election integrity. The issues in Illinois with automatic voter registration, which has been implemented in 18 states and the District of Columbia, contribute to an already widespread trend of noncitizens making their way onto voter rolls nationwide.

Back in April 2019, then-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said America is a “sanctuary country.”


What President Trump fails to understand is that America is a sanctuary country. Small, medium & large cities across the nation are suddenly & rapidly identifying as sanctuary cities because of the abandonment of Americans values, ideals & cultural destiny under Trump’s watch.




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tom s

And now add to the number the dead person’s votes along with the dem voters that voted more than once. Wasn’t it the Chicago motto to “vote early & vote often”? Seems to have progressed into more dem voting districts outside of Chicago.

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