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Elizabeth Warren Is Now Taking Credit For Bills She Did Not Even Vote For [Details]

The following article, Elizabeth Warren Is Now Taking Credit For Bills She Did Not Even Vote For [Details], was first published on Flag And Cross.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) may very well wind up winning the Democrat nomination for president. More likely than not, it will come down to either her, Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders. Any of the three should be a cake walk for President Trump in November, but that’s not the point at the moment.

Warren has been caught lying so often that it should almost be disqualifying, in and of itself. Sure, all politicians are known liars. The thing about Warren, though, is that she seems to take things to another level.

Here’s just the latest example. There will be more in the future, count on it…

From Free Beacon:

Underperforming presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has portrayed herself as a bipartisan dealmaker by taking credit for sponsoring bills she ultimately voted against.

“I do work with the other side,” Warren said in October during a radio interview in New Hampshire. “I’ve gotten more than a dozen bills passed into law, and they’ve been bipartisan. And that’s just been since Donald Trump has been elected president.” A post on the “Fact Squad” section of Warren’s campaign website similarly boasts that “Donald Trump has signed more than a dozen of Elizabeth’s proposals into law” and lists 15 pieces of legislation Warren sponsored.


Three of the items included in that tally, however, are bills that Warren ultimately voted against. The Gambling Addiction Prevention Act, the Sexual Trauma Response And Treatment Act, and the National Guard Promotion Accountability Act all passed the Senate in August 2018 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019. Warren was one of only 10 senators who voted against the 2019 NDAA, along with fellow 2020 contenders Kamala Harris (RIP), Kirsten Gillibrand (RIP), and Bernie Sanders.

Warren needs her uninformed fanbase to know that white people are the enemy. Nothing racist about that, right? SMH.

Of course, Warren, herself, is white – which makes this a lot funnier. But still, the point was made: whitey is bad.

equality is when the circles representing billionaires are racially diverse


Misleading Warren campaign graphic on wealth inequality counted at least 14 Asian-American, Indian-American, Pakistani-American and Iranian-American billionaires as “white”



I’m starting to wonder if Elizabeth Warren’s staff secretly hate her and are sabotaging this dying campaign

Shahid Khan is worth $7 billion+, owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, and is among the top 100 wealthiest people in the US. Why is the Warren campaign is calling him “white”?

After this tweet, looks like Elizabeth Warren’s campaign took down the infographic depicting Asian American billionaires as “white.” Its no longer on her “wealth gap” website.

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tom s

When old bernie called lizzy a liar on “national TV” he seems to have known what he was saying.

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