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Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg Would’ve Turned Down Meeting With Trump, A Waste of Her Time

The following article, Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg Would’ve Turned Down Meeting With Trump, A Waste of Her Time, was first published on Flag And Cross.

TIME’s “Person of the Year,” teenage climate change scaremonger Greta Thunberg, isn’t exactly a fan of President Trump. Being non-American, Greta most likely only hears negative comments about the most powerful man in the world from socialist leaders in her country.

From Mediaite:

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg said meeting President Donald Trump would be a waste of time for her because he wouldn’t listen to anything she has to say.

Thunberg did a Skype interview with BBC Radio 4 on Monday morning, serving as a guest editor in a conversation with David Attenborough about global warming. The discussion touched on the personal attacks Thunberg has withstood throughout her activism, and Reuters reported there was one point where she was asked what she would have said to Trump if they met each other earlier this year when they both attended the United Nations’ climate summit.

She said, “Honestly, I don’t think I would have said anything because obviously he’s not listening to scientists and experts, so why would he listen to me? So I probably wouldn’t have said anything, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

The real problem with Greta is that certain “adults,” like the people at TIME, take her seriously.

After all, the facts are not on her side. It’s not true that 11 out of 10 scientists believe climate change is as big a disaster as the left wants people to believe.

Check out this tweet from the teen about riding on “overcrowded trains.”

She was immediately rebuffed by the train company.

Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home!

From Daily Wire:

The Guardian reported that in a two-part tweet, Deutsche Bahn (DB) responded to Thunberg’s tweet, writing, “Dear Greta, thank you for supporting us railroaders in the fight against climate change! We were happy that you travelled with us on Saturday in the ICE 74 … but it would have been even nicer had you also reported how friendly and competently you were looked after by our team at your seat in the first class.”

Attempting to save face, here was Greta’s next tweet:

Our train from Basel was taken out of traffic. So we sat on the floor on 2 different trains. After Göttingen I got a seat.This is no problem of course and I never said it was. Overcrowded trains is a great sign because it means the demand for train travel is high!

Mini-AOC apparently stopped doing her satirical videos because she was receiving death threats, but she recently came back strong.


The sky is falling! The sky is falling…in 12 years! Looks like politics are no longer off limits for children thanks to Greta. Wish someone would’ve made that clear a few months back. Comedy is much better than scare tactics and fear-mongering anyway. #MALA #AOC #GretaThunberg

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I know why she is scared to meet with Trump, he would destroy her leftist BS!!!!!

tom s

That angry little girl is being used by her parents and other liberals. Time to shut up and go home little girl. You have had your 15 minutes.


The president has more important things to do than baby sit a whinny twerp. He wouldn’t have time to invite you to talk to him with all he has on his plate to do……….


She is a waste of our time.

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