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Report: California Had Most ‘Mass Slayings’ In 2019, State Also Has Strictest Gun Control

The following article, Report: California Had Most ‘Mass Slayings’ In 2019, State Also Has Strictest Gun Control, was first published on Flag And Cross.

California. The Golden State. High taxes. Rampant homelessness. Illegal aliens galore. Super strict gun laws. Still, in 2019, they saw the most killings, mainly from guns, in the United States of America. Ain’t that something?

Clearly, this is President Trump’s fault. It’s the NRA’s fault. It is the fault of every conservative, living or dead, since the beginning of the Republican Party. That’s how the narrative will be spun, right?

From Breitbart:

An Associated Press (AP) column looking back on violence in 2019 notes that California has more gun control than any state yet witnessed the most “mass slayings” of any state.

The AP notes that most most slayings “barely became national news, failing to resonate among the general public because they didn’t spill into public places.” They point to the El Paso, Texas, shooting; the Dayton, Ohio, shooting, and others as examples of mass slayings that did make news and captured attention nationally.

Newsom’s California, where the rich stay richer and the poor stay poorer. Tent city’s, outdoor plumbing, no heat or water, massive filth and rampant drug use.

Wonder what’s going to sweep the nation first: California’s progressiveness or the plagues that are beginning to fester there?

Also the LA Times version of this story I found blaming climate change instead of the mountains of garbage is priceless.


California is haven for drug addicts and illegals who have soiled your once great cities with used needles and feces.
This is the future of progressivism. Own it.

You mean the homelessness, 41st ranking in K-12, highest poverty rate, most people on welfare, schools teaching in Spanish because of the illegals, exodus of residents to neighboring states, CALPERS trillions under water. Are effing serious? This state is an abortion.

Then why are so many folks leaving California for the great state of Texas?! Rolling right on out of there. Keep sending them to Texas. Let’s just hope they know to #KeepTexasRed

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The trouble is they slayed people that were not their government officials.


What that state needs is more gun free zones. They always, because outlaws always R-S-P-E-C-T the law.

tom s

That state is a “gun free zone”, that zone being the most dangerous place to be. If you see a sign on a business as such, would be a good place to avoid.

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