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Virginia School District Allows Kids to Miss School So They Can Protest Trump (Details)

The following article, Virginia School District Allows Kids to Miss School So They Can Protest Trump (Details), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Who needs school when you can be out of class as a high schooler to protest the Trump administration? It’s an easy thing to do when you’re not told by instructors that Trump’s policies have lowered unemployment to record low levels while building up the economy to an all-time high.

And here lies the problem with the Democrat Party: they are filled with liars – point blank. There’s no reason whatsoever to badmouth Trump, unless, of course, you’re a diehard liberal who refuses to follow the news.

Sorry, kids.

From Hot Air:

Happy New Year, kids! Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia will enact a new policy on January 27, 2020, which allows school students to skip school to protest.

So it begins. Fairfax County Public Schools system is one of the nation’s largest with approximately 188,000 students. With close proximity to Washington, D.C., it doesn’t take much imagination to understand where the students will be protesting. It is being touted as the first school district in the nation to incorporate this policy. The policy allows students in seventh through 12th grades to have one excused absence each school year for “civic engagement activities”.

Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro may have said what he said, but what he’s really getting at is that if his kids turned out to be pro-Trump American conservatives, he’d want nothing more to do with him.

Some kind of father right there there, huh?

Do as I say or forever be shunned based on your political beliefs? Yikes. Is this the way all beta male Democrat-voting fathers think? Don’t answer that.

He noted, “I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them. I would disown them. I’d have a serious talk with them — I’d have a serious talk with them. First of all, it’s an impossibility. My kids are not like that, of course.

LOL – of course, Bob. Your kids are not proud American patriots. We get it. Great, thanks for that. Way to do your job as a parent.

During an appearance on CNN recently, De Niro blasted Fox News and Trump while dropping a few f-bombs in the process.

From Daily Wire:

Speaking with Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, De Niro said that an impeachment inquiry over President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine “has to happen,” while chastising those who are “too gentle” about the current political situation. His comments echoed what he told Variety at the New York Film Festival over the weekend where he expressed hope that President Trump would face impeachment.



De Niro downed the entire jug of Kool-Aid.

His negative words fo Trump on a daily basis prove he’s a long way from the reservation. Dude is off the deep end.

When know-nothings like De Niro talk, it only seems to help 45’s numbers.

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First of all, if my child went to one of these schools, they wouldn’t be any longer! Our kids are being brain washed in these concentration camps!!! All the teachers doing this, will have to answer for what they are doing. Remember judgement day is a rude awakening for some people!


Time to get rid of some school board members. These children should not be allowed to miss school for political reasons. Can they demonstrate for a conservative?

tom s

Appears that the communist party has included another “important item” to the communist indoctrine for taking over a country, which had included controlling schools, health-care, disarming the citizens; and now they have to remove from power President Trump.

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