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Maxine Waters Says She Doesn’t ‘Have the Facts to Prove’ Trump Colluded with Russia

The following article, Maxine Waters Says She Doesn’t ‘Have the Facts to Prove’ Trump Colluded with Russia, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Oh, Maxine Waters. As a conservative, do you really need more of an introduction than that? I think not. From Daily Wire:

House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, promoted conspiracy theories Monday night on CNN about President Donald Trump colluding with Russia, which she admitted she did not have any evidence to support.

Waters screeched, “Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and incursion into Crimea and so I believed that they wanted to elect President Trump and Trump I believe agreed, I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected he would lift those sanctions.


While discussing impeachment, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters spreads unhinged conspiracy theories on CNN, admitting, “I don’t have the facts to prove it.”

She later claims that she’s not “making things up” nor on a “witch hunt.”

While on CNN, Mad Max did what she does best and attacked POTUS for attempting to make America a safer place.

She said, “There should be comprehensive immigration reform and not immigration reform based on exciting and inciting those people who have negative thoughts about others coming across our border, and basically working to use that information to promote himself in a campaign. And I think some of that is very racist.


Democrats today are a different breed.

They care more for bashing Trump than they do helping their country. It’s not only sad, it’s downright un-American.

Check out Maxine ripping into “dishonorable” and “despicable” Trump…


Waters, just like every liberal in America, was on Robert Mueller’s side from the start.

And then, the Special Counsel’s report revealed no evidence, whatsoever, of Russian collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign.

Now, Dems are quick to criticize Mueller and his team. Many members of Congress are even saying they will keep digging for Russia dirt.

Add Maxine to that list.

She says Mueller’s report is not the end of the Russia probe.


Just silly, isn’t it?

It took Mueller two years of dedicated searching to result in jack squat, but Dems still aren’t satisfied until 45 is impeached.

They don’t care about the thriving economy, the stock market, or the low unemployment numbers.

They care about “getting” Trump and nothing more.

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Hey Brainless, just go back to California and bury your damn head further in the sand, cause you don’t have f%8king clue. You are worthless!!!!!

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Horilla sure has been flapping it’s Black Ass Lips Spewing Lies…. yelling out Impeach 45 every chance she had …! She needs a major Defamation law suit to shut her yam-hole…..!

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