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Democrat Congressional Candidate Wishes Cancer On ‘War Criminal’ Barack Obama [Details]

The following article, Democrat Congressional Candidate Wishes Cancer On ‘War Criminal’ Barack Obama [Details], was first published on Flag And Cross.

I don’t care who you are; where your from; what you did… Okay, enough with the Backstreet Boys lyrics. What this Texas Democrat Congressional candidate just said is appalling on all levels.

Cancer isn’t a joke. It affects far too many Americans on an annual basis, aside from those afflicted. Lives are shattered due to cancer. But this liberal doesn’t care. He wants Barack Obama to physically suffer.

Whether you voted for Barack in 2008 or 2012 or not, there is no room for this type of rhetoric. It is entirely unbecoming of a person seeking public office. The sad part is that there is zero chance this story will be reported by the mainstream media.

From Daily Caller:

Democratic Texas congressional candidate Justin Lecea said he hopes former President Barack Obama gets cancer in a series of tweets posted Sunday night.

Lecea attempted to justify his ill-wishes towards the 44th president by calling Obama a war criminal, and citing his administration’s record on deportations and immigration enforcement.


People are criticizing me for wishing cancer on Obama. I say that having lost a parent to brain cancer after 12 years of fighting, and getting to see just how terrible our Healthcare system is, and I still think he deserves it or worse.

Y’all are defending a war criminal who was in authority during the deportation of over 3 million immigrants, continued the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowed the continued poisoning of citizens in places like Flint, and also

recently bought an 11 million dollar home in Martha’s Vinyard, and demonstrated privilege so great that he gives zero fucks about y’all.

Obama is part of the club that is going to let y’all burn in climate change.

So @ me all you want I said nothing directly threatening

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Lori Smith
Lori Smith

I’ve has several family members and friends suffer and die from cancer. I would never wish this horrible disease on anyone- not even Obama- and I despise him. It is evil to wish this on anyone. People better be careful what they wish for as God could put it back on you.

Sam breck
Sam breck

I think he is saying he wishes Obama would have ordeal with the insurance companies whole battling this debilitating disease. The insurance mess that he created his so called legacy ugh. I too wish he had to deal with insurance like a normal instead of an elitist!

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