Army, Navy Cadets Smeared After Some Believe Students Flashed ‘White Power’ Sign


The following article, Army, Navy Cadets Smeared After Some Believe Students Flashed ‘White Power’ Sign, was first published on Flag And Cross.

President Trump tossed the coin at the annual Army/Navy college football game, which was already enough to send liberals through the roof. Then, at least one student was caught flashing the “white power” sign.

You already know where this is headed. Never mind that the circle gesture is part of the “circle game” – that doesn’t matter to Democrats. What matters is that all whites are white supremacists. Period.

From USA Today:

Questions erupted during the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia when students appeared to make the White Power hand symbol during a pregame broadcast.

Spokespersons from the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy told USA TODAY Sports they have been made aware of the issue – which blossomed on social media as the game wore on – and the schools are looking into it.

Liberal reactions:

So many white people on here are calling me the N word, and other awful things.

I am a strong black Muslim woman. Nothing can bring me down. I will always speak up against racism. 😊

As an American,
As a Navy Dad,
As a decent human being…

…you hate to see racist West Point cadets emboldened by the presence of the Racist-inChief at an #ArmyNavyGame to throw up the “White Power” sign on national TV.


Sane reactions:

Seems like a big jump to conclusions. Looks more like the made-you-look “circle game” (hands are positioned down instead of up) than an OK sign (which some co-opted & trolled into a white power symbol). Maybe someone should ask what they were thinking before melting Twitter down.

On the other hand, Blue Check Twitter making broad assumptions of racism based on groupthink characterizations of video clips has never gone wrong before, so full speed ahead I guess.

USA Today is now accusing military students at the Army-Navy game of flashing a white power symbol — since it is upside down it looks more like the gotcha-made-you-look “circle game” than it does an OK sign (which some have tried to co-opt & troll into being a white power sign).

This bullshit where liberals attempt to define innocuous gestures as hate crimes is simply their way of asserting power by causing others to take their lies seriously.

The proper response is a middle finger gesture.

People who think cadets were throwing up a #WhitePower sign and not playing the circle game are fucking morons.

This is a scummy slander by leftist liars trying to defame our troops with the lie that an innocuous and common hand gesture is some secret symbol used by entities like the Democrat-created KKK.

Screw off, liars.

Liberals are always super quick to assume that our troops are racists.

Why do they hate American warriors so much?

Prediction: Not a single Democrat politician will defend our troops from these lies.

Not one.

Remember in November.

Let’s pretend for a second these people really are doing the white power/white nationalism hand gesture. What does it even do for anyone? Do you get points for each time it’s seen like? Is there a boss out there keeping score? Or is it like paging someone?


The Army-Navy joint rendition of the National Anthem is perhaps the most beautiful rendition you will ever hear.

It will give you chills 🇺🇸

God bless America

And God bless the young, kickass men and women of our Armed Forces who fight for all of us

#ArmyNavyGame #ArmyNavy2019

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jim hunt

I’ve used that sign all of my life,and to me it means A-OK,it has nothing to do with white supremist or white power,this is about liberals trying to project their owe meanings into the words that were never there to begin with,and its total BS,but on the other hand when blacks used the term black power,that was A-Ok wasn’t it,once again I refuse to fall for this white power white supremist crap,I am white and will not apologize for being white,none of us whether white or black or what ever color we are, has any control of our race or… Read more »

tom s

Merely another attack on white males in America. Didn’t even know that there was a “white-power sign”. Meanwhile we’ve been aware of the black power “movement” for quite some time and haven’t seen any backlash from them…