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Watch: Boy Pummeled By Black Teens for Wearing Trump 2020 Hat On School Bus [Video]

The following article, Watch: Boy Pummeled By Black Teens for Wearing Trump 2020 Hat On School Bus [Video], was first published on Flag And Cross.

Liberals will remain silent on this story. Privately, they will cheer on the attackers for beating a white boy simply for wearing his pro-Trump hat on the school bus. Thanks, Obama.

That’s the problem. Liberals in Congress and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge anti-Trump attackers because they know such violent humans will be voting Democrat in 2020 and forever on. Pretty sad.

Check this out, via New York Times:

The boy’s mother on Thursday released a 21-second video of the Nov. 21 attack in Hamilton County, where two girls and three boys are seen relentlessly punching him as other students look on and scream in the background.

The boy, identified as Tyler, was assaulted for previously wearing to school a Trump 2020 hat that he bought “with his own money” at a flea market several weeks earlier, his mother said.


The teen was then “steadily” bullied on the bus, getting “tripped” and verbally abused before the situation culminated in the beatdown that required a trip to the hospital, his mother claimed.


It’s not safe to be a young Trump supporter in school these days. Then again, it’s not really safe to be a Trump supporter outside of school, either.

Unfortunately, the media is more concerned on attempting to cover for the likes of Jussie Smollett and Indian activist Nathan Phillips than reporting what truly matters.

Case in point: a high schooler was assaulted for wearing his MAGA hat.

MSM’s response?



How awful is that?

People are still, to this day, triggered by a hat, despite the fact that minority unemployment under President Trump is at an all-time low.

Where’s the logic?

It’s time for journalists to be journalists again and report these types of instances.

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Robert Forrester

Typical for that type of ilk.


They do it because people don’t attack animals, so it’s safe for them. (it only goes so far though)


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