Video: Biden Can Put the ‘World Back Together,’ Says Failed POTUS Candidate John Kerry


The following article, Video: Biden Can Put the ‘World Back Together,’ Says Failed POTUS Candidate John Kerry, was first published on Flag And Cross.

John Kerry failed as a presidential candidate and was arguably the worst secretary of state in modern times. That being said, Joe Biden apparently loves the guy. Go figure.

At a recent event in Iowa, Kerry said something that nobody should say about any person – ever. Kerry said Biden can put the “world back together.” And yes, he was absolutely dead serious.


John Kerry: “Iowa, when you caucus in February, don’t just send a message. Send us a president. Send us a man who can put the world back together. Send us Joe Biden.”

Kerry clearly takes “stupid is as stupid does” to an entirely different level. The guy is just…I don’t know. It’s comical.

From earlier that day…

Question: “Mr. Vice President, how does it feel to have your friend with you?”

Joe Biden: “It feels great to have my friend with me, I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have.”

John Kerry: “I’m thrilled to be back in Iowa. I love it.”

If Biden is committing a gaffe, he’s not breathing. The guy thrives on making mistakes.

The former VP recently did his best to explain the Second Amendment to his incredibly uninformed fanbase.

He blabbered, “I believe in the second amendment but nobody says you can have a rounds — a magazine with a hundred clips in it — a hundred bullets in it. We protect geese more that we protect, no joke, you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shoot for geese. But, guess what, we protect geese better than we do our kids.


.@JoeBiden in New Hampshire: “We don’t have the courage to take on the NRA? We protect geese more than we protect, no joke you can only have 3 shotgun shells when you go shooting for geese, we protect geese more than our kids”


So biden is proposing a law on how many shotgun shells you can use to hunt kids….. bold. Brave. Ecologically sound. I like it joe!

I don’t think the second amendment was to protect us against geese.

@JoeBiden , what is a round… a magazine with a hundred clips in it?

You will never be president.

He’s just not very bright is he.

Sure lets go the way of mexico! Ware the crimnals control the country! Idiots …

That’s a nonsensical comparison: goose hunting is legal; hunting kids is not – no matter how many shells you have on you.

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What plant is this left lunatic from, Heinz? One reason, I didn’t buy Heinz, is because it puts money in this idiot’s pocket.

jim hunt

Its a little strange that he claims that Biden who helped tear the country apart can repair what he helped to trash,the man who ran the worst State department next to Hillary Clinton thinks he knows something now,the liberals would like for people to believe that Trump is bringing great harm to the country,when he is presiding over the best economy we have seen in fifty years,plus the military is back where it should be,what we need now is to continue to build the wall and better control our borders,of course the democrats don’t like the interruption of their pay… Read more »

tom s

Wasn’t kerry the guy who wrote himself a few “purple hearts” while in Viet Nam so he could get out of there? Too darn dangerous there for such a (self) important person…..He and old uncle joe are two peas in a pod, both self-serving dem politicians who have no interest in the best interest of America, only working to enrich themselves.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Cowardly Horse Faced Windbag….! Ask the men who served on the Swift Boat with the Cowardly Wind-Bag ….! They will tell you that the coward abandoned his mission under small arm fire after receiving a wooden splinter in his ass… leaving the troops on land without Fire Support…! And for that splinter… the Cowardly Wind-Bag received a Purple Heart….!

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