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ICYMI: Masked Protester Blocks Road, Damages Man’s Car, Winds Up Receiving Beat Down (Watch)

The following article, ICYMI: Masked Protester Blocks Road, Damages Man’s Car, Winds Up Receiving Beat Down (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Far-left protesters are simply grown children. All Democrats are just grown children, really. To stand in front of traffic and prevent people from getting from point A to point B is just truly pathetic, kids.

One dopey masked coward learned that the hard way – and it was a spectacle to behold! All you need to know is that the protester started smacking the driver’s SUV and he didn’t appreciate that very much.


Antifa/Extinction Rebellion protester tries to block a street and then starts vandalizing a man’s SUV.

The man loses it and it doesn’t end well for the protester.

Normal hardworking people have had enough of these left-wing virtue-signalling eco-terrorists



What those people do is not protest. It is the disruption of facilities and infrastructure and the destruction of property. A child throwing a fit. This is going to happen more often. Societal tolerance for them is rapidly diminishing. As it should.

That’s how things were done back in the day. People were far more polite when there were real time consequences .

This needs to happen more often, and when the police arrest the guy defending his vehicle and property, there need to be protests to exonerate him. This is the only way to stop these people. Take the law into your own hands until the law does its job!

No sympathy driver finished what the clown started.

I admired the driver’s restraint. He picked up the baseball bat, thought briefly about finishing the job, then tossed the bat away.

Bet he thought he could get away scot free. The driver showed a lot of restraint.

I like how he ran as soon as the door opened.

This should happen more and more. My blood is boiling every time i see these left wing lunatics fascists!They think they can bully every hard working citizen with aggressive behavior.A good beating will do a world of good and to remember this will not be tolerated anymore #thugs

If you mess with somebody else’s property because you think you have the high moral road in doing so then bad things will happen to you.

H/T: Twitchy

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tom s

Looks like a out-of-court settlement. Also wondering if the guy forgot to bring his antifa buddies?


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