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New Report Claims Climate Change Making Americans Mentally Ill

The following article, New Report Claims Climate Change Making Americans Mentally Ill, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A new report being put out by Agence France-Presse is claiming that climate change has becoming such a huge problem that it’s actually causing folks to become mentally ill.

Here’s more on this from TheBlaze:

The report states that a new survey conducted earlier this year by Yale and George Mason universities found that 23% of respondents are “very worried” about global warming and its impacts on society, and at least 60% of respondents reported being “somewhat worried” about global warming.

Anthony Leiserowitz, who is director of Yale University’s program on Climate Change Communication, says all Americans are concerned with climate change, not just privileged elites.

“The common wisdom is that only upper-middle-class, white, well-educated, latte-sipping liberals care about climate change,” Leiserowitz says. “Turns out that’s not true.”

So who, exactly, are these individuals who feel that climate change is responsible for their declining mental health?

Well, there’s Rhode Island citizen Kate Schapira who, along with her husband, have decided to forego having children due to the concern they have about the condition of the planet.

Schapira is a senior English lecturer at Brown University and said her decision comes from her “responsibility to the world to shrink down to the size of one person.”

Schapira also apparently decided her husband will no longer be flying.

Environmental lobbyist Alicia Cannon says she suffers from “climate anxiety.”

“I think a lot of people that work in climate feel some kind of climate anxiety because it’s such a large-scale issue and it’s overwhelming and you feel that it’s overwhelming because of helplessness,” Cannon said.

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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

Science-denying climate alarmists ARE mentally ill…!


It must be that only the liberal democrats are getting mentally ill because they are going crazy…..


Geological Periods of cold followed by periods of warming have been occurring naturally for millions, if not billions, of years. The last cold period is called “The Little Ice Age”, and it ended in about 1850. What happens when the source of cold is removed? Well, DUH! It gets warmer. Warmer temps are coming and water levels might rise. They have before, they will again. Mankind didn’t even exist for most of the ‘Climate Changes’. In the last Ice Age, man was here. Likely, the Ice Age contributed to the extinction of Neanderthal Man. If mankind now turns it’s attention… Read more »


Mental illness is only effecting a certain group. Strange how that works. Like liberals.

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