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ICYMI: ‘Medical Professionals’ Protest Melania’s During Visit to Sick Children In Hospital

The following article, ICYMI: ‘Medical Professionals’ Protest Melania’s During Visit to Sick Children In Hospital, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Imagine being protested against simply by association. That’s what First Lady Melania Trump went through on Wednesday morning. Because she’s married to the worst man to ever walk the planet, Melania will never get a fair shake. From Mass Live:

First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to Boston Medical Center on Wednesday sparked a sharp rebuke of President Donald Trump’s administration as more than 100 sign-toting staff members marched out of the building to argue the president’s policies on immigration and health care stood in stark contrast to the hospital’s core values of empathy and diversity.

Many doctors, nurses and students said they were not directly protesting Mrs. Trump, and some welcomed the attention to the hospital’s infant and opioid programs. But they were concerned the visit, part of the First Lady’s “Be Best” campaign focused drug abuse and cyberbullying, sent the wrong message to the hospital’s patients, many of whom are low-income and immigrants.

Midwife Cecilia Girard noted, “We have a commitment to our patients, to the migrant population. For me, ‘be best’ is to love our patients and take care of them and respect them. We feel this administration is very disrespectful of our population, putting children and women in cages, they are divisive. I don’t want my patients to think I support the policies of President Trump.


Medical professionals standing in solidarity at Boston Medical center in protest of First Lady Melania Trumps visit. First lady visiting cuddle program at Boston hospital for babies born on drugs.

President Trump compared wife Melania to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. He also gave her a new nickname that lefties don’t care for, too much.






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