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MSNBC Host Calls for Senators to Hold Secret Ballot to Remove Trump From Office (Details)

The following article, MSNBC Host Calls for Senators to Hold Secret Ballot to Remove Trump From Office (Details), was first published on Flag And Cross.

It must be nice to have the mainstream media on your side. If you’re a Democrat, you know you can get away with saying or doing damn near anything so long as you don’t go against liberal causes.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid is one of the worst activists working at the far-left network, these days. On a daily basis, Reid literally makes things up to show how anti-American she truly is.

Check out her tweet from Tuesday, where she begs for senators to hold a secret ballot to oust a duly-elected president from office, simply because she doesn’t agree with him. It doesn’t get more pitiful than this.

Her tweet:

Republicans who are too scared to confront Trump publicly could still remove him via secret ballot, this article contends, if, for example, 3 retiring Senators insist on a secret vote to give their colleagues cover.

Check out these unbelievably idiotic far-left reactions:

This article pretends the Republicans have people with moral compasses though, I think it’s giving them too much credit.

The Rs want the Dems to be “transparent in all THEY do about impeachment” but would take this out in secret to protect themselves from Trump retaliation, and never get the irony of it.

They haven’t done the right thing up to this point, does anyone really believe these cowards are going to dare stand up now?

They’re Republicans. They would never do something that would so clearly protect and defend our country.

Any Senator that will VOTE to impeach DT, would immediately become a bit more respectable for standing up for what is right regardless of the others that stay on Trump SINKING SHIP!

They won’t because they want to stay in power and they don’t want the stain of impeachment on their record. They will NOT remove #45 evening he is impeached.

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That a mighty racist thing for to say!

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