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Biden Says Politics Is Going ‘To Come Back And Whack’ President Trump

The following article, Biden Says Politics Is Going ‘To Come Back And Whack’ President Trump, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently decided to take a swipe at President Donald Trump, claiming that politics would “whack” the commander-in-chief, leading many to wonder what exactly is meant by that particular comment.

Biden, 76, made the comment during a town hall special broadcast on CNN, in which he attempted to explain how modern day politics had gotten so out of control under Sen. Mitch McConnell and Trump.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

“Politics today has gotten so mean and ugly and dirty and everybody questioning motive and not focusing at all on trying to put things together instead of disagreeing on substance, you go to motive,” said Biden. “It has become so, so difficult for Republicans to be able to, unless they have real courage, to stand up and take on the president even if they think he should be taken on.”

He went on to tie in McConnell and referenced his decision to block a vote to confirm Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Biden claimed he suggested Garland to President Barack Obama because he thought Republicans would vote to confirm him.

“They know what they were doing was wrong,” Biden said.

He added, “The politics has gotten just so out of whack, but it’s going to come back and whack — heh — this guy.”

Some individuals were upset by the comment, claiming it was a joke about “whacking” — killing — the president. Others mocked Biden for the lame comment.

Biden is the current frontrunner in the Democratic Party presidential primary, though it’s been a fight and struggle for him to maintain that top spot in a crowded field that includes Sen. Elizabeth Warren and many others.

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jim hunt

Maybe Biden needs to worry about being wacked,politics is the curse of the human race,always has been,maybe it is necessary,I don’t know,but politics are responsible for more wars than any other thing I know of,someday Yeshua will return and set up his on kingdom government,where politics will be a thing of the past,actually Messiah reins and rules now in the mist of his enemies,but someday his enemies will be dealt with and no longer exist.

Alan Doud
Alan Doud

It is very obvious who the dirt dishers are and I am seeing and believe their will be more that are building a gallows for trump that they will hang on themselves. So far every accusation i have seen they are guilty of themselves.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Looked like Pervy Joe was reaching for the reporters titties…. was ready to massage and sniff her fuzzy wuzzy too…..!

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