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Dem Lawmaker’s Bill Would Put Citizens In Jail for Six Months for Using the B-Word Out of Context

The following article, Dem Lawmaker’s Bill Would Put Citizens In Jail for Six Months for Using the B-Word Out of Context, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Democrats not only want to regulate the 2nd Amendment but they figure it’s time to go after the 1st, also. Because who needs freedom of speech? After all, even Rhodes Scholar Lebron James said there are negatives that come with freedom of speech – and he’s someone to be listened to!

Check out this Democrat lawmaker from the same state as Elizabeth Warren. He wants the word “bitch” to be taxed but he’s going about it in a way only a Democrat would go about it.

If you use the word in a wrong way, you’d be fined $200 or sent to jail for six months. Seems just a tad bit excessive for using…a word, doesn’t it?

Oh, those silly Dems.

From Reason:

Massachusetts is taking the fight against nasty words to the next level with a new state bill that would ban the use of the word bitch in certain contexts.

State Rep. Daniel Hunt (D–Boston) has put forward H. 3719 that would prohibit the use of the big, bad b-word when deployed to “to accost, annoy, degrade or demean” another person. Anyone who did so would be considered a “disorderly person” under state law.

Penalties could include fines of up to $200 or six months in jail. Hunt’s bill specifies that either the person called a bitch or a witness to the bitch-calling could report the crime to the police.

The attacks against @KamalaHarris are racist and ugly. We all have an obligation to speak out and say so. And it’s within the power and obligation of tech companies to stop these vile lies dead in their tracks.

Here’s the only reaction necessary:

By this logic Trump should get everyone who promoted Russiagate banned

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Way to attack the first amendment. I can think of plenty of other words to use. Hope none of them would hurt the thin skinned liberal snowflakes butt. They might have a meltdown, that would only prove they have mental issues.

B.J. D. Scott

It’s a damn shame that common sense has gone by the wayside. When I was a kid, I remember folks having respect for our elected officials, But now, as an Octogenarian, I understand that to get respect, one has to EARN it. Sadly, very few of those now in office deserve much if any, at least not from me. The last Democrat I trusted was Harry Truman, Maybe Kennedy, a little.

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