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Pelosi Makes It Clear: Democrats Will Not Hold Vote On Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump

The following article, Pelosi Makes It Clear: Democrats Will Not Hold Vote On Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It’s all over, folks. Democrats, once again, thought they had President Trump caught between a rock and a hard place. And yet, once again, Democrats didn’t do their homework before pulling the trigger. Go figure, huh?

With all these absolutely phony, made-up “get Trump” tactics the left has pulled, you’d think they’d have scored on at least one attempt. But nope. They’re still swingin’ for the fences and striking out like they’re wearing blindfolds when they step up to the plate.

On Tuesday evening, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) made it clear that her far-left party would not proceed with a vote on an impeachment inquiry. The reason, even though they won’t admit it, is because they have nothing to go on. Not a single thing. It’s just too bad the uninformed and the mainstream media kept goading liberals into thinking there was a chance. But no dice!

CONFIRMED: Pelosi informs caucus there will NOT be a formal floor vote to launch the impeachment inquiry

Schiff says Republicans “have completely been represented” in these closed-door depositions. They have attended and ask questions.

“There is full participation by the GOP”

He says that he anticipates releasing transcripts

From Fox News:

The move was seemingly a boon for moderate Democrats in swing districts, who have been reluctant to have a formal vote in favor of the proceedings as the 2020 elections approach — even as several of them have also sought to appease liberal constituents by vocally backing the ongoing inquiry.

A congressional aide familiar with House Democrats’ discussions told Fox News that many House Democrats did not want to be seen as letting the White House dictate how the House conducted itself. Last week, the White House sent a fiery letter to House Democrats announcing that it would not cooperate with their inquiry, for several reasons — including that, contrary to past precedent, no formal vote had been held on whether to begin impeachment proceedings.

Why would she hold a vote? The almost comically one-sided process she and Schiff are running is working like a charm. It might not have worked if mainstream media were demanding transparency, but they are not. Of course they’re not.

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tom s
tom s

And we knew from the start that the dem’s “impeachment noise” was not going to be a vote from these dems in the house that have all to face re-election in2020. Merely an attempt to place a cloud over the re-election of President Trump.


Hahahaha … NANCY PELOSI and Her Democrat Crew? … I will honestly be Surprised if they can even WIn a Dog-Catcher Position. WOW, … What a Rotten Group.

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