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Female Trump Supporter Sucker-Punched Outside Minnesota Rally, Caught On Tape (Watch)

The following article, Female Trump Supporter Sucker-Punched Outside Minnesota Rally, Caught On Tape (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Imagine you’re leaving a Trump rally all pumped up on America and then walk right into a crowd of ignorant, far-left, know-nothings who wished you were dead. It happens after every Trump rally. Unfortunately, at least one pro-Trumper is generally assaulted. At least one.

After 45 took shots at Ilhan Omar and other liberals in Minneapolis on Friday night, a female pro-trumper was literally sucker-punched in the face. Luckily, it was all caught on tape – not that the media is going to care one iota. But hopefully, the puncher will be caught and arrested.

The thing is, radicals like the person in this video feel a sense of pride in being handcuffed thinking they’re doing something right. Never mind that they’ve just committed assault. Who cares about that part, right?

From Daily Wire:

In video captured by Alpha News MN, a young woman walking hand-in-hand with a young man in a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hoodie was sucker-punched by a female anti-Trump protester.


After the @realDonaldTrump rally in Minneapolis, his supporters were attacked by left-wing extremists. An unprovoked assault on a woman was caught on camera by @AlphaNewsMN. Mayor @Jacob_Frey defends charging Trump campaign $530k for public safety. #antifa https://youtu.be/5viO3shoJyw

Another video:

Breaking: outside Minneapolis Trump rally. Protestors lighting Maga hats on fire. Rushing police. Calling them pigs, etc. Escalating scene.

And another assault:

Man wearing a “Trump 2020” hat is assaulted by a mob outside the Mineapolis Trump rally last night. Video journalist @ElijahSchaffer says this was happening routinely. If you wore a Trump hat or patriotic clothing, you were targeted. #antifa

And for good measure, just in case you might think there’s any hope for these neanderthals…

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Grizz Mann
Grizz Mann

Antifa trading their conical headgear and white robes for the black balaclava.
The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., tactic of intimidation and hate on display.
They never fail to maintain their image, do they?


Stupid people, the more arrested, the less votes for the liberal side. They are so stupid, they don’t even know they are helping Trump get re-elected.

Marlene deRonde
Marlene deRonde

All probably being paid by George Soros. Maxine is a troublemakers, too. That’s assault. That person needs to be arrested-!!!

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