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New Report Says Hillary Pushed Ronan Farrow to Drop Harvey Weinstein Investigation (Report)

The following article, New Report Says Hillary Pushed Ronan Farrow to Drop Harvey Weinstein Investigation (Report), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Harvey Weinstein was the king of Hollywood before #MeToo. It makes sense that he’s a Democrat. He had all the power and abused it at his discretion. Actresses knew if they wanted a key part in one of his films, they’d have to do whatever he wanted.

Democrat politicians are no different. They will do whatever it takes to ensure they keep power. Lie, cheat, steal, doesn’t matter. Hillary Clinton was constantly one of the worst offenders but you already knew that. Everyone knows that.

Wasn’t it Hillary who said if Trump disrespected the outcome of the 2016 election it would be a direct threat to democracy? Has she stopped disrespecting the outcome since losing?


And now, this…

From Daily Wire:

In a report in The Hollywood Reporter detailing some of the claims of Ronan Farrow’s new book, , “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,” which focuses on the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, THR writes that Farrow attests that he was pressured by Hillary Clinton to drop his investigation.

THR writes:

Weinstein also attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow, he writes. In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book — while also still working on the Weinstein story — he received a call from Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the “big story” Farrow was working on was a “concern for us.” Then, in September 2017, according to an email cited in the book, Weinstein wrote to Deborah Turness, the ex-president of NBC News who now runs NBC News International, to propose a docuseries on Clinton. “Your Hillary doc series sounds absolutely stunning,” Turness responded.

Statement from Secretary Clinton on Harvey Weinstein:

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tom s

Well, but of course. hillary was trying to protect those that pay her for her influence. Find it so obvious when we hear of the drastic downward amount of “contributions” to the crime family piggy bank as soon as hillary lost the election.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Weinstein has video of the Corrupted Vile Baby-Killing Sexually Perverted Hag participating in perverse sexual acts with juvenile underage boy’s & girls….! She is shown scissoring naked on the floor with naked underage children…! No wonder she wants Weinstein silenced and rubbed out….!

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