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Biden: ‘The Thing I’m Proudest of With Barack & Me Is That There Were No Scandals’ (Watch)

The following article, Biden: ‘The Thing I’m Proudest of With Barack & Me Is That There Were No Scandals’ (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Democrats refuse to admit that the Obama years were a complete and utter disaster. Two terms, zero results. At least, zero positive results for the country. That’s kind of a problem.

Former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t see things that way. According to him, the Obama administration suffered zero scandals for eight years. Not one. Zip. Zilch.

How he came to that conclusion, considering team Obama was laden with scandal after scandal, speaks volumes about his character. It also shows that Joe is willing to lie his way to the very top, like a true career politician.


.@JoeBiden brags to N.H. voter: “The thing I’m am proudest of with Barack and me is that there were no scandals.”


Here we go again… Allow me to remind you all:

❌ Fast & Furious
❌ Benghazi
❌ Clinton Email Server
❌ IRS Targeting
❌ ISIS as J.V. Team
❌ Ignoring Hezbollah Drug-Running
❌ Iran Deal
❌ Taliban 5 and Bergdahl
❌ VA Waitlists
❌ NSA Spying
❌ DOJ Wiretapping Journalists

No scandals that the press reported….they kept them quiet….

Going to share this list of 780 scandals every time he says this:

Seriously? No Scandals? Using the IRS against your political opponents? Using the FBI and CIA to spy on the opposing political party’s presidential candidate? State Department email private server to evade Fed open-records law? Fast & Furious? Benghazi? Hacking of OPM files? etc

When the media takes a vacation for 8 years, are there really any scandals?

H/T: Twitchy

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No scandals?? Certainly not the ones y’all covered up!!! Until our President Trump came in office and oh, boy! did your scandals start coming out of the woodwork!!! I continue to pray to my God to continue to expose your corruption and your ill will against the American people!! OTHER than all of these things, I guess y’all didn’t have any scandals!!!


No, Joe, “SCANDALS”, not “SANDALS”. We know you and Obama didn’t wear SANDALS. I’d list your ‘SCANDALS’, but I don’t have a week to write this post…you stupid twit.

Bob Olive

Too many scandals to list Joe Biden. It is really said when you start to believe your own publicity.

Grizz Mann
Grizz Mann

It is hard to recognize evil when that is where you live.


Sad when your memory goes. Even worst when you are running for potus position.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

How about adding the DACA CUCARACHA scandal….. You Can Keep Your Doctor…..! Killing Judge Scalia…? Obaboon must have kept Pervy Joe Drugged for 8 years with drugged with little girls bicycle seats laced with FLACA….!


It was obama the Phony president & Hillary who Started the Arab Spring by Deposing Egypt & Libya’s Leaders both Acts of Treason and Created ISIS with Gaddafi’s Arms Cache Delivered to Al Qaeda they simply changed Names only idiots would believe that a 100 Thousand Man Army Fully Armed & Equipted just popped out of the Sand Overnight…!!!

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