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Trump Burns Some Biscuits By Revealing Huge Updates About What He Calls His ‘Latest Fake Scandal’

The following article, Trump Burns Some Biscuits By Revealing Huge Updates About What He Calls His ‘Latest Fake Scandal’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

President Trump is not a man who minces words or keeps his thoughts to himself when the mainstream media takes shots at him and his administration, which, if we’re being honest, is basically an around the clock assault by what has more or less become the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

Proving he’s not the kind of guy to back down from a fight, the president delivered a few updates on the latest “fake news” driven scandal the Democratic Party has cooked up to try and oust him from the White House before the 2020 election next year.

This is why so many folks love Trump as president and is why he’ll likely end up with another four years in office.

via The Daily Wire:

It turns out that the whistleblower whose claims sparked the latest conflagration doesn’t actually have any firsthand knowledge of the call, and the Ukrainian government is denying that Trump tried to pressure them — and says they felt really good about the call from their end. The “real story,” said Trump, is former Vice President Joe Biden strong-arming Ukraine to oust a prosecutor that investigated his son’s company.

“Now the Fake News Media says I ‘pressured the Ukrainian President at least 8 times during my telephone call with him,'” Trump tweeted Sunday night. “This supposedly comes from a so-called ‘whistleblower’ who they say doesn’t even have a first hand account of what was said. More Democrat/Crooked Media con.”

“Breaking News: The Ukrainian Government just said they weren’t pressured at all during the ‘nice’ call,” Trump added in a follow-up tweet. “Sleepy Joe Biden, on the other hand, forced a tough prosecutor out from investigating his son’s company by threat of not giving big dollars to Ukraine. That’s the real story!”

Why is the left so set on seeing President Trump impeached and possibly removed from office? It’s simple, really. Trump’s base is wide and deep, and they are fully mobilized to come out and vote next year to bury whoever the Democratic Party chooses as their candidate.

They are all but assured a defeat if they go up against Trump. For some odd reason, they feel they can take on Vice President Mike Pence in the election, which is who they’d face off against if they managed to succeed in their impeachment efforts. Likely they think this because Pence is a die-hard Christian with classic Christian views and beliefs on homosexuality.

The problem is, if they were to impeach Trump, his voters would be so angry they would mobilize even harder and make sure to put Pence in office for the following four years. The left is essentially sealing their own doom at this point, which is glorious to watch.

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