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Hillary & Elizabeth Warren Are Reportedly Teaming Up to Take Down 2020 Democrat Field

The following article, Hillary & Elizabeth Warren Are Reportedly Teaming Up to Take Down 2020 Democrat Field, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Elizabeth Warren knows what’s up.

After all, who better to ask about running a presidential campaign than a woman who was twice denied by the American people?

LOL. Looks like Warren and Hillary Clinton are teaming up.

From Daily Wire:

Earlier reports indicated that Clinton, determined to re-litigate her 2016 defeat at the hands of then-New York real estate investor Donald Trump, had been reaching out to a potential 2020 candidates, offering her sage advice (though it’s not entirely clear she’s come to terms with precisely why she lost the contest herself). A handful of candidates reportedly took her up on her offer to chat, but Warren has, NBC says, kept an open line.

“The two women have kept a line of communication open since the Massachusetts senator decided to run for president — though only a conversation around the time of Warren’s launch has been previously reported — according to several people familiar with their discussions who spoke to NBC on the condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivity of private interactions,” the outlet reported Sunday.

The contact, NBC adds, has been substantial enough to “merit attention,” and Warren and Clinton have talked so recently that the interaction was “front of mind” for the source.

President Trump has to be all smiles right now.

Hillary teaming up with any 2020 Democrat is excellent news for his camp.

Warren recently noted, “On my first day, I will empower a commission in the Department of Justice to investigate crimes committed by the United States against immigrants.

For some odd reason, Elizabeth keeps rising in the polls.

Many its the promise of free stuff?

While she’s at it, might as well add in some reparations for gays.

Her tweet:

It wasn’t until marriage equality became law that gay & lesbian couples could jointly file tax returns—so they paid more in taxes. Our government owes them more than $50M for the years our discriminatory tax code left them out. We must right these wrongs.

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tom s

Truly a pair of liberal losers.


Could it be that if Hillary is found guilty during her investigation of lies, theift, treason, etc… that maybe Warren some evil way she wins Hillary will get exhonorated from her crimes.

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Old as dust Hags….! Hag # 1 is a felonious liar and murderer who corrupted every D.C. agency…..! Hag #2 Is bald face Liar who pretended to be a native Indian so she could obtain special funding for her college years… and obtain favorable status with the DNC…. Hag # 2 claims that every citizen who built a business built their own home…Hag # 2 proclaims that they didn’t build that….! Only thing Hag #2 built is a House of Lies and a old perfume un-washed stench from wearing the same 40 year old sweaters & yoga stretchies…..! Yuck….!

Gerald Ladd

One lies, and the other one swears to it.

jim hunt

Toot Toot,everyone on board for the lie Train,this should be good,the lies will flow down like rain.

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