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Former Prime Minister of Canada Wants Hurricane Dorian to Run Right Through Mar-A-Lago

The following article, Former Prime Minister of Canada Wants Hurricane Dorian to Run Right Through Mar-A-Lago, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In case you haven’t heard, it looks like a pretty big hurricane is making its way to Florida.

Here are the details…

Aug 29 Tropical Update: Hurricane Dorian is forecast to be a major hurricane as it approaches the Florida Peninsula late this weekend into early next week. Visit http://readysouthflorida.org for preparedness information #Dorian #FLwx

The former prime minister of Canada, Kim Campbell, hopes President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago is directly hit.

No joke.


I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!


She hates Trump so much that she wants the people who work at or live near Mar-a-Lago in the way of a Hurricane.

Imagine being this filled with progressive bloodlust for Trump that you’d be fine with dead innocents.

Former PM. Current Lunatic.

Did the staff and residents in the area wrong you in some way? Publicly wishing for people to be put in harms way is twisted. How many deaths and properties destroyed are you hoping for?

Classy. Real classy. Never mind the people that live in the area and employees.

Funny. I’m rooting for the storm to turn north and die in the middle of the Atlantic 🤔

They say #LeftWingExtremism doesn’t exist, especially in Canada…not rooting for hurricane to stay offshore, rooting for destruction of lives just because @realDonaldTrump has property that could get destroyed. #ThesePeopleAreSick #LetMaxSpeak @MaximeBernier @SuzyQtrue

The PM needs to seriously consider whether this individual should continue to serve on the Advisory Board for Supreme Court appointments #cdnpoli

Here’s some more information about the hurricane, per Fox News:

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands were breathing a huge sigh of relief Wednesday night as Hurricane Dorian swung away from them, resulting in far less damage than had been feared.

But whether Florida will have similar luck remained doubtful, according to forecasters, who predict Dorian could hit the state hard — possibly at Category 3 strength.

If the storm’s current track holds, Dorian could be “the strongest hurricane to hit Central Florida in over 30 years,” said Glenn Richards, meteorologist for FOX 35 in Orlando.

H/T: Twitchy

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Lori L Smith
Lori L Smith

Who wishes evil on another? Only those who are evil themselves. I despise Obama, but I would never wish evil to befall him or his family in any way. Kim Campbell had better hope her words do not come back upon her head as God has a way of punishing those who are evil.

tom s

From the mouth of a “friend” of America? With friends like this we dont need enemies….

Marilynn Reeves
Marilynn Reeves

Showing just the kind of low life person she is.

Becky Clark
Becky Clark

What a bunch of hateful people must reside in Canada if Kim Campbell was a Prime Minister they had elected! Normal people would wish for the storm to die out before landfall! The entire left is such a hateful bunch! Wishing destruction and possibly death among a lot of people is just evil and hateful!


What a piss ant!


She’s another great example of how hate filled and dangerous liberals are. I would agree that guns need to be taken away from liberals because of their propensity for violence.

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