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North Carolina College Student Planned To Commit Mass Murder; He Didn’t See This Coming

The following article, North Carolina College Student Planned To Commit Mass Murder; He Didn’t See This Coming, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Police were able to stop the heinous plan put together by a 19-year-old college freshman to commit mass murder at High Point University located in North Carolina.

It’s nice to hear some good news about one of these incidents being stopped before anyone lost their lives or suffered some sort of injury.

Here’s what went down.

From TheBlaze:

One of Paul Steber’s classmates alerted school security to a potential problem. Security then contacted the police who conducted a raid of Steber’s dorm room. He was arrested Tuesday.

The freshman from Boston had allegedly mentioned that he planned to carry out an attack on the school. In addition, he illegally had ammunition and two guns on school grounds: a 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun and a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol.

According to prosecutors, Steber had also been studying previous mass murders and had a “plan and timeline to kill people” at his school before Christmas.

In the state of North Carolina, it’s illegal to own a firearm on the campus of an educational institution.

Steber has now been charged with two felony counts of Weapons on Campus or Other Educational Property and one count of Communicating a Threat of Mass Violence on Educational Property.

So what might have motivated this kid to want to murder innocent people? Apparently, it was because he was wanting to join a fraternity.

Steber also planned to kill his roommate and kill himself if the roommate got accepted into a fraternity and he was not.

Steber is being held in the Guilford County Jail on $2 million secure bond for the two weapons charges and another $1 million bond for the threat.

Let’s hope this kid gets locked up and receives some sort of help for the mental issues he’s obviously dealing with.

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Gerald Ladd
Gerald Ladd

Did anyone ask if he was a DemonRAT?


It’s a good thing they stopped this deranged individual from carrying out his murder spree. Sad, but there are probably more like him roaming the halls of schools just waiting for an opportunity to terrorize and murder their classmates.

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