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CONFIRMED: Report Shows the United States Has Not ‘Warmed’ In Over A Full Decade [Details]

The following article, CONFIRMED: Report Shows the United States Has Not ‘Warmed’ In Over A Full Decade [Details], was first published on Flag And Cross.

Not since the middle of the Dubya administration.

That’s how long it has been since America has seen any real “warming.”

The left will spin like a dreidel because that’s what the left does, but facts don’t lie.

Here’s what’s up, per RealClearEnergy:

When American climate alarmists claim to have witnessed the effects of global warming, they must be referring to a time beyond 14 years ago. That is because there has been no warming in the United States since at least 2005, according to updated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

In January 2005, NOAA began recording temperatures at its newly built U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN). USCRN includes 114 pristinely maintained temperature stations spaced relatively uniformly across the lower 48 states. NOAA selected locations that were far away from urban and land-development impacts that might artificially taint temperature readings.

If you’re planning to vote for Bernie Sanders in a Democrat primary, why do you live in America?

Sure, that could be said about any 2020 liberal nominee. But Bernie?

Really, people?

While in Iowa, Sanders noted, “Four years ago I came here to Iowa and I was asked, what is the major national security issue we face? The people thought I would say ISIS or Al Qaeda or those big issues. The answer that I gave in terms of national security is climate change.


Bernie on big government proposals: “costs a little bit of money, so what?”

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tom s

By all appearance this “global warming” crisis is merely a get-rich scheme by several now extremely wealthy people, many of which are failed politicians.


Bernie is senile ……. has done 0 in his years in congress ……. tell him to run for president of Russia

Veronika N
Veronika N

All this week (and the last couple of weeks) the weather here in Utah has been in the high 90’s and 100’s. Yeah right, the U S hasn’t warmed up…..one bit……. It was 107 in St George last week. Al’ I’m not well’ Gore is a nut case.

Mike B
Mike B

Don’t tell Gore!!


GLOBAL WARMING IS FAKE…A UNREALISTIC SCARE TACTIC! Study global climate history and you may understand

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