IT BEGINS: Ohio’s GOP Governor Looking At Ways to Impose Gun Control After Dayton Shooting


The following article, IT BEGINS: Ohio’s GOP Governor Looking At Ways to Impose Gun Control After Dayton Shooting, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Yeah, that title should have you shaking your head.

Mass shootings are a stain on our great nation and nobody would argue against that.

But gun control will do nothing to prevent mass shootings – or crime, in general.

Ohio’s Republican governor apparently doesn’t understand, though.

From USA Today:

DeWine unveiled several proposals Tuesday morning aimed at curbing gun deaths. Among them: a “red flag” law, background checks for most firearm purchases, more access to mental health treatment and harsher penalties for felons with guns and straw purchases.

DeWine said no one thing will prevent gun violence, but together, the changes will save lives.

DeWine noted, “If we do these things, it will matter. If we do these things, it will make us safer.

“Red flag” laws allow family members or police to seek removal of firearms from individuals whom they fear will cause harm to themselves or others. States with such laws allow guns to be removed temporarily before a judge grants a longer-term “emergency risk protection order.”

It looks as though Connor was a registered Democrat, Satanist, and vehement anti-Trumper.

How will liberals spin this one?

The patches he’s wearing are from a known satanist apparel company. One of them reads “against all gods”. This is a culture problem. A godless culture of death with no respect for life.

Connor Betts was likely not a white supremacist. He seems to be a leftist/socialist. This seems to be his twitter account.


Classmate recalls Connor Betts NOT being bullied and being a violent individual since high school. #DomesticWhiteTerrorism #daytonshooter #DaytonOH #DaytonStrong #DaytonOhioShooting

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Hey turkey breath….Read the second amendment! You do not deserveto be a representative ofthe people if you do not know the law!

tom s

Perhaps he will include “hatchet control” in his efforts?


Or knife control because some nut case in California recently killed 4 people there. Remember, more people are killed via knives than are killed by guns in the United States. I do not hear the RINOs and Democrat hypocrites wanting to outlaw knives.


The RINOs are coming out of the woods to support gun control and red flag legislation. WOW! Why don’t they do something about all the killings in large cities throughout the United States before looking to restrict our constitutional rights. The idiots in Ohio who want us to acquiesce to the Democrats on Gun Control need to review the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments to our constitution before they cave completely. Democrats (socialists/communists) want to take our guns as a first step to communism. Everyone needs to review history lessons and then take appropriate steps. Senator Lindsey Graham… Read more »


Another political moron! SECOND AMENDMENT BUTT WIPE!


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