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Cruz Calls Out Carrey For Vile Abortion Painting, So Jim Reveals Another Painting Aimed At Ted

The following article, Cruz Calls Out Carrey For Vile Abortion Painting, So Jim Reveals Another Painting Aimed At Ted, was first published on Flag And Cross.

After Republican Governor Kay Ivey signed Alabama’s strict new abortion bill into law, far-left radical Jim Carrey went berserk.

He chooses, these days, to lash out via his paintings.

Maybe he’s still upset he hasn’t had a hit film in years?

Here’s the painting featuring Ivey being aborted from a tube sucking out her brain:

I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz let Jim know how he felt about the painting…

This is not OK. Today’s Left: vicious, angry & consumed by hate. Instead of insults & dehumanizing rage, we should return to civility. I disagree w/ Carrey’s politics, but believe we should respect his humanity nonetheless. I wish he could reciprocate. #LoveIsStrongerThanHate

Carrey fired back at Ted with a new painting:

Here’s what it says:

“Some greasy Joe McCarthy wanna-be, who is shameless and will remain nameless, was lecturing me in the press about morality and civility after spending years in the Senate defending the rights of mass murderers to own AR-15s with which they massacre innocent children in their classrooms.”

“I thought I must be dreaming, but I haven’t woken up yet,” Carrey continued. “I guess this hypocrisy is the new American Dream.”

Jim must have a lot of free time these days.

Back in November 2018, Carrey sent a tweet featuring one of his paintings showing support for then-Texas Democrat Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke (D).

It was meant to disparage Cruz.

Carrey failed in his attempt and Cruz fired back with the kill shot.

Enter Jim:

Cruz’s response:

Months back, Carrey appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and told America to embrace socialism.

We have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing.”

Of course, Carrey has no clue what goes on in socialist countries.

If he did, he wouldn’t have said what he said.

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Marilynn Reeves
Marilynn Reeves

Carey is and always been a wacko.

Robert Zraick
Robert Zraick

Jim Carey had a mental breakdown a few years ago. Apparently he has never recovered. I worked with him on a film quite a few years ago. Ay that time he was just a little nuts. Now sadly he is completely crazy.

Terrie Simpson
Terrie Simpson

I refuse to support Hollywood & the insanity coming from actors, who have no moral compass to guide them. I refuse to watch or pay to see the insanity of Hollywood. Give me the oldie movies who actors loved America, stood for liberty , had some morals, God was still our guiding force in America. Traitors were tried by our military, they were sent to prison for life or shot. We must stand up to the tyranny, & mob rule or other wise we will be a third world country. Benjamin Franklin was ask after he signed the document “Constitution,”… Read more »

St. Toes

Carey was an Actor, not a very good one, his new Passion is “Wacko Art?” Living in a ”Hollywood Scripted Reality” combined with his lack of Common Sense is nothing new for him. You can’t change anybody’s mind about Abortion (intentional Murder) when over 60,000,000 Babies have been Killed since 1972-3 (and still counting), more than any War and 1/6 of the present U.S. Population. His “Wacko Art” doesn’t convince Me of anything. He must convince Muslims, too? No way!!!


If only this CAREY idiot HAS BEEN….NEVER WAS. and his hollywood clan had been aborted I can’t imagine the beautiful world this would be They are nothing more than a bunch of self absorbed, narcissistic, uneducated jackasses who have an over bloated opinion of themselves and their self worth! They have NO IDEA WHO AND WHAT the REAL AMERICAN people are that work their tails off every day to bring food to the table, put clothes on their childrens backs, and do what they can to TEACH THEIR CHILDREN TO BE RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE AND SELF SUFFICIENT…..AGAIN….something the hollywood morons KNOW… Read more »

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