BOMBSHELL: Biden Says Second Amendment Doesn’t Mean ‘You’re Entitled to Own A Gun’


The following article, BOMBSHELL: Biden Says Second Amendment Doesn’t Mean ‘You’re Entitled to Own A Gun’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Democrats really hate the idea of Americans being able to protect themselves with guns.

For some reason, to this day, every single responsible gun owner gets lumped in with all the bad guys who commit gun violence.

Who cares that bad guys break the law to get their guns? Who cares that they are mentally ill?

All Americans must pay for the crimes of a few.

Enter soon-to-be thrice failed presidential candidate Joe Biden who says something wild about the Second Amendment.

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that the “Second Amendment exists” but stressed during his speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday that it does not say everyone is “entitled” to own a gun.

Biden, who was taking questions at a small outdoor venue, then added, “By the way, if one of you left the keys in your car down the street, and a kid comes along and jumps in it and takes off, you could be held liable civilly for that. So if you own a gun, put a damn trigger lock on it. Put it in a case. You have an obligation.”

If this isn’t a clear indicator that Joe Biden is worried about embarrassing himself in public with one of his legendary gaffes, than nothing is.

Members of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign are apparently physically blocking reporters from asking the former vice president any questions.

Sounds like a typical leftist move, doesn’t it?

From Free Beacon:

A freelance reporter covering Joe Biden’s presidential campaign launch says the campaign has gotten physical in its attempts to block the press from questioning the former vice president.

Marcus DiPaola, a videographer who was on the trail with Biden Wednesday night in Iowa, used his Twitter account to voice complaints from multiple members of the press regarding poor treatment from campaign staff, which was reportedly blocking reporters from asking questions and taking photographs of anyone who objected.

A reporter approached @JoeBiden to ask a question and a member of his staff told the reporter to leave, and when the reporter explained that they were just doing their job, the staffer said she was too. The staffer then took a photo of the reporter.

A different reporter just told me that yesterday a staff member physically put their body between the reporter and @JoeBiden. The reporter said they weren’t even that close and that there were several supporters between the reporter and Biden.

This second reporter tells me the staffer physically invaded their space to the point that the reporter could smell the staffer’s ponytail.

A THIRD reporter just told me that a staff member physically put their body between @JoeBiden and the reporter, moments ago at this rally in Des Moines.

This third reporter just told me that the @JoeBiden staffer blocked his camera shot by putting up her hands.

@JoeBiden staffers just tried to remove us from what appears to be a public lot, said we could not ask questions.

While getting the video I just shot of Biden calling for Barr to resign, a @JoeBiden staffer physically placed her body between me and the candidate, causing me to bump into her.

I cannot express how difficult it was to get this video. @JoeBiden staff moved his motorcade THREE TIMES to avoid us, and he eventually went through what appeared to be a TUNNEL to a nearby Jimmy John’s to dodge our questions.

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O…this moron does not understand what is written in the second amendment….”shall not be infringed…” Anyone who votes for this stupid is insane! I exercise my rights under the first amendment in this statement inclusively!

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Remember when Pervy Joe was telling every citizen to Arm with a Shotgun…..? He turned to the camera while standing on his balcony and Hissed….! ” You don’t need a machine gun….! Get a Shotgun…. Get a Shotgun…..!


“Shall not be INFRINGED”. The root word is “fringe”. Does this mean that govt cannot make laws that would nibble away at the fringes of the 2nd amendment? I think that gun-grabbers are always doing just that.