Troubled Actor Apologizes to POTUS and Mythical ‘Qanon’ Before Suicide


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The following article, Troubled Actor Apologizes to POTUS and Mythical ‘Qanon’ Before Suicide, was first published on Flag And Cross.

We certainly live in troubled times, and it is for that reason that we must be diligently kind to one another.

With tragedy arriving on the daily here in America, it can be hard to keep pushing forward.  Those of us afflicted by depression, panic, and fear mustn’t allow these temporary feelings to make permanent choices for us.

Furthermore, when we fall victim to our own inner dialogue, we can find ourselves susceptible to wild trains of thought that could send us spiraling into the depths of darkness.

Actor Isaac Kappy may very well have been on just such a tragic path, as the final moments of his life have been revealed.

Actor Isaac Kappy died Monday morning after he “forced himself off” a bridge in Arizona. He was 42 years old.

Around 7:30 a.m. Monday, state troopers responded to call at Interstate 40 after a man “forced himself off” the Transwestern Road bridge near Bellemont onto the highway, Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman, Bart Graves, told The Arizona Daily Sun.

Two teens reportedly attempted to stop Kappy from jumping but were unsuccessful, and he was then struck by a passing vehicle.

Kappy published a lengthy letter to Instagram shortly before his suicide in which he touched on a number of strange subjects.

Kappy, who admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol, apologized to President Trump and included numerous references to the far-right conspiracy group QAnon, writing, “While I supposedly wanted to make America great, I have not put much work AT ALL into making MYSELF great … To the Q movement, I am so sorry I have brought shame upon the greatest military operation of all time … Q says they give people enough rope to hang themselves, and I have hung myself. I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting.”

The troubled actor also referenced allegations he made against actor Seth Green previously, whom he accused of pedophilia, writing, “And while it’s true I have outed many pedophiles that were former FRIENDS, I remained in their sphere for much longer than I should have, and attempted to gain from them AFTER I knew about their actions.”

The “Qanon” theory has long been considered a “LARP”, or a “live action role play” in which the originators posted ominous questions to notorious prankster site 4chan in an effort to ensnare users.  As the hiveminds of websites such as Reddit discovered “Qanon”, the sheer volume of Q’s posts allowed for some fairly simple connections to be drawn, and soon the entire hoax was off and running.

The entire debacle hinges on the same manipulation of vagaries that television psychics use to provide oohs and aahs for their audience.


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