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WATCH: Trey Gowdy Warns of 2020 Dem Who Should ‘Scare the Ever Living Hell Out of You’

The following article, WATCH: Trey Gowdy Warns of 2020 Dem Who Should ‘Scare the Ever Living Hell Out of You’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It’s weird to think that Trey Gowdy is no longer a Congressman, isn’t it?

The former South Carolina representative recently appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum to let every American know which 2020 Democrat should “scare the ever living hell out of you.”

Well, which one in particular.

He noted, “President Eric Swalwell, that ought to scare the ever-living Hell out of you, Martha.”


He added, “His last sentence is exactly the difference between a prosecutor and a politician. Prosecutors prove that you did something, politicians make you prove you did not. Did you hear his last sentence? ‘I challenge President Trump to prove that he did not do something.’ That’s what politicians do.

Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell of California is a typical progressive. He’s as liberal as they come.

In fact, Eric wants guns confiscated by any means. He even suggested nuking Americans who fight back.

No joke.

From Daily Wire:

Swalwell made the comment in response to a May news article on his radical plan that was widely recirculated on Twitter on Friday in which he called for a $15 billion government program to confiscate millions of guns from Americans.

A 2020 platform built on gun control, huh?

That’s not going to go over well, given that whole Second Amendment thing.

Swalwell must figure he’ll get a large book deal out of this whole thing, because he has to be smart enough to realize he doesn’t stand a chance against Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders – let alone President Trump.

What a complete joke.

More from Swalwell, who admitted to conservative Dana Loesch he wants to ban guns:




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