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Kamala Harris’ Hypocrisy on Guns Keeps Growing

The following article, Kamala Harris’ Hypocrisy on Guns Keeps Growing, was first published on Flag And Cross.

With everybody and their figurative brother running for the democratic nomination in 2020, it can be tiresome trying to keep up with it all.

The 18, (or maybe 19?), person field of democratic candidates have been grinding away out on the campaign trail, predictably stumbling over one another in an attempt to capture the imaginations of their progressive base.  Bernie Sanders appears poised to hold his lead over the field well into the primaries, despite the democratic socialist’s recent admission that he is, in fact, a millionaire.

Similarly hypocritical is Kamala Harris who, in a lame attempt to connect people of color, lied about “smoking weed” and listing to Tupac and other rappers during college.  When it was revealed that none of the artists mentioned by Harris had released music at the time she was attempting to claim these “cool points”, the left understood that Harris was full of it.

Now Harris is back in the news, after she admitted that she does, in fact, own a gun – something that the radical left is none too pleased about.

Even worse; Harris is still trying to take other people’s guns away.

Harris believes that, as a former prosecutor, owning a weapon was necessary, but for teachers it is not.

When was the last time a mentally unwell young man shot up an office building full of lawyers?

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