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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Mueller Report Is A Complete ‘Cover-Up’ — Without Evidence

Two years.

Millions of taxpayer dollars.

And, still, nothing.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his final Russia collusion report to Attorney General Bill Barr, which indicated no further indictments.

Therefore, President Trump was finally vindicated – just as conservatives predicted all along.

However, MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid isn’t convinced.

According to her, the Mueller report smells of a “cover-up.”

From Mediaite:

On MSNBC this morning, Joy Reid talked with her panel about what Attorney General Bill Barr will ultimately do now that he’s reviewing the full Mueller report, even suggesting possible “seeds of a cover-up.”

In a segment first flagged by The Nation‘s Aaron Maté, Reid asked if there’s “any reason to have any confidence in William Barr here.”

Reid’s words:

“The fact that this investigation takes place within the Justice Department, which Donald Trump essentially controls, and that he got rid of the problem, Jeff Sessions, who––the one decent thing that he did was just recuse himself. This guy is not recused. It feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here.”

Since Mueller and team have seemingly been out to get 45 from the get-go, it seems kind of silly to suggest a “cover-up” is at play.

The problem, for Democrats, is that Mueller didn’t find anything connecting Trump to Russia. Now, they are extremely sad.

That’s the bottom line.

Joy-Ann Reid agrees with guest Elie Mystal.

The way to “get” President Trump is to go after his children.

ELIE MYSTAL: “Do you remember in ‘The Firm,’ how Tom Cruise brings down the entire mob on overbilling? In these reports, what we have is Ivanka Trump, as part of the Trump organization, overbilling the inaugural committee. That could be it right there. What we now have — this is the first time — look, we’ve talked a lot about Don Jr., we know now he was at the Trump Tower meeting, we talked a lot about Eric, because he seems to be Fredo.”

This is the first time that we have Ivanka—which is like the only kid he likes—in the crosshairs.She apparently, according to these reports, was involved with overcharging the inaugural committee, and somebody had to tell her: this is going to look bad when we get audited. For a long time I thought that the only way we are really going to get to Trump is if you go after his kids. If you put the kids in legal peril, that’s the only thing that’s going to shock him out of his lying, deceitful, cocoon. And this could be the way to do it.

JOY REID: “There is this finding that people — we’re going to talk about this later in the show — that you can’t indict a sitting President. But it doesn’t say anything about a sitting President’s daughter.


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tom s

So ironic! The investigation the dems started, with all dem supporters as “investigators”, claimed by those democrat politicians and their “news” station commentators that would bring down the duly elected President, and then when that group of liberal “investigators” find that the President is not guilty of their accusations, the dems then try to dis-credit their own investigation results. MAGA by voting out all democrats.


If its a cover-up it will probably be because it implicates a lot of dems info on corruption and crimes against the American People that wasn’t expected…..


$35 million dollars wasted by the buffoons in the democrat party..let them pay the bill I am sick of them…What is wrong with the American people who vote for buffoons election after election, its your country get rid of the Democrat sludge in the congress…

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