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Biden Drops Whopper During Stump Speech, Spills Secret

Joe Biden

With the democratic presidential field already bursting at the seams, it appears as though Joe Biden has made his decision.

Of course, many saw this coming;  Biden, waiting until the field is conveniently convoluted to make a huge splash as the big fish in the pond.  His years serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President will certainly serve him well with the liberal base, and the expertly executed meme campaign that painted him and 44 as some sort of “buddy cop” couple could carry him deep into the primaries.

Millennials seems to be visual learners after all, getting nearly all of their experience in the world from YouTube, Facebook, and memes.

And even though we would be safe in betting that Biden will run for President in 2020, there has been no official announcement as of yet….even if ol’ Joe did just accidentally admit it.

For a brief moment, former Vice President Joe Biden placed himself in the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates during a speech on Saturday night. Biden seemingly described himself as one of the people “running” while noting he gets criticized by some progressives.

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the United—” Biden said, then quickly corrected himself to say, “of anybody who would run. I didn’t mean it! Of anybody who would run”

The campaign was quick to respond to the purported gaffe.

“He did not announce. That was the slip of the tongue,” said the volunteer, who declined to be identified by name.

Based on what we’ve seen so far of the 2020 race, and Biden’s behavior, there is little doubt that Joe will be jumping into the contest soon enough.




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