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VIDEO: CNN’s Don Lemon Jabs At His Own Network, & Reason Why Is Mind-Boggling

CNN is a highly dignified network, according to CNN’s Don Lemon.

He truly believes what he’s saying, despite the numerous fake news reports that stem from the news network.

Lest Lemon forget that CNN was recently slapped with a $275 million lawsuit? (More on that below).

However, Lemon isn’t pleased that CNN decided o interview White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway.

From Daily Wire:

On Thursday, as Chris Cuomo passed the baton over to Lemon for the next show, the two CNN hosts got into a bizarre exchange about the merits of having Kellyanne Conway appear on the network, reports HuffPost.

Lemon to Cuomo: “She never answers a question. She berates you. She’s condescending. For me, it feels beneath the dignity of this network to have someone one who constantly lies and misconstrues things.

According to HuffPost, Kellyanne Conway appeared on Cuomo’s show earlier to discuss comments President Trump made in an interview with Breitbart during which he said his supporters were “tough people” that would make things “very, very bad” if pushed to a certain point. Cuomo accused the president of dogwhistling violence; Conway said he was misinterpreting.


If the CNN brass was having a good day, the lawyer for Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann just ruined it.

This is what happens when a network rushes to judgment about a particular situation without confirming all the facts.

Check this out…

From Daily Wire:

Lawyers for Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN on Tuesday for smearing Sandmann earlier this year.

Fox News reported that the lawsuit was “filed just after 3 p.m. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky,” and claimed “that CNN ‘elevated false, heinous accusations of racist conduct” against Sandmann and failed to adhere to “well-established journalistic standards and ethics.'”


On an episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host ripped into 16-year-old “little pr***” Nick Sandmann.


HBO host Bill Maher called 16-year-old Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann a “little prick” during his Friday night “Real Time With Bill Maher” opening monologue.

Maher: “I don’t blame the kid, the smirking kid,” Maher said. “I blame lead poisoning and bad parenting. And, oh yeah, I blame the fucking kid. What a little prick. Smirk-face!

I don’t spend a lot of time around Catholic schoolchildren, but I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids.


The truth has been revealed about Nathan Phillips.

Phillips claimed that he was a Vietnam veteran on multiple occasions. That has been proven false.

He also forced a Catholic Church to lock its doors because his group stormed mass after the event that went viral in DC.

For some reason, the media doesn’t seem to care about the other side of the story.

It is now being reported that Phillips has a criminal record, including assault and escaping from prison.


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