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Joe Biden’s Campaign is Up and Running, Even If He Isn’t

Joe Biden

Will he?  Won’t he?  Can he?  Is he?

The speculation around Joe Biden’s looming decision regarding the 2020 elections immense.  As a man who has had more than one public spat with President Trump, in which both have actually threatened to beat the other one up, Biden represents the democratic antidote to the Commander in Chief.

Biden is a lifelong establishment politician, where Trump is an outsider.  Biden confessed his love for Barack Obama.  Donald Trump?  Not so much.

The ace in the hole for the democrats is that Biden is an old white guy…just like Donald Trump.  They see him as the reverse side of the coin to Trump, and the only candidate of any gravity whose mainstream enough to not scare of the moderate liberals, (sort of an oxymoron I know).

So, is Biden going to get his campaign up and running anytime soon?

It turns out…he already has.

In recent weeks, the former vice president’s longtime advisers Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilon have led a string of meetings with potential aides to fill out the campaign if Biden makes a decision to enter the race, sources tell The Hill.

Many of the positions would be filled by long-running Biden aides, a number of whom worked in the White House during the Obama administration and are acutely familiar with his style.

So, just how ready is Biden to jump in?

“Whenever the VP makes a decision, we’ll be ready to go,” said one source with direct knowledge of the planning.

Greg Schultz, who has run Biden’s PAC American Possibilities and served as his political director in the White House, is expected to be campaign manager, sources say.

Biden would join well-saturated and much younger field of democrats in the race, but would certainly be the biggest name on the ballot as soon as he enters.

The former Vice President may have no problem getting the ball rolling should he decide to run, but beating the incumbent Trump while our economy roars, however, will be a much more difficult task.

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