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When This Man Sold His VCR on eBay, He Never Expected How Much It Would Mean to the Customer

In an era where we can snap a photo, take a video, or make a phone call without thinking twice, it can be very easy to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that it was much more valuable and rare to have footage of special events and dear loved ones.

So when an eBay seller secured a customer for his now-ancient VCR (remember those?) it likely never occurred to him what a blessing it would be to the octogenarian customer.

ABC reports:

Matt Shoukry recently took to eBay to sell an old VCR he had laying around his house. When someone bought it, he boxed it up and sent it from St. Louis to Phoenix without thinking twice.

“I don’t even remember where I got the VCR,” Shoukry said. “I think I sold it for about 30 or 40 bucks.”

Shoukry was surprised when a few days after shipping off the VCR, he received a letter with his handwritten address on the envelope. He said he began to read the letter while playing a video game, but after reading the first few lines he had to pause it. Shoukry says he called his girlfriend over in disbelief to come read it with him.

Shoukry said that the letter brought tears to his eyes, and the many Reddit users who read it as well after he shared it on the website said it made them cry as well.

The elderly customer revealed that he had found some old VHS tapes and didn’t know what was on them. So he headed to eBay to find a VCR and was very pleased when it arrived promptly and in good condition, and expressed that he was impressed.

But what came next is truly amazing. The VCR customer, who sweetly shared that, due to his age, he had a little trouble figuring it out at first, discovered what was on those old VHS tapes.

Home videos of priceless memories, many that he didn’t even know existed. Poignantly, he notes, many of the friends and family members in the videos are no longer around.

How amazing!

Here is his letter, and I’m warning you, grab the tissues now!

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