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Major Changes Could Be Coming to Julian Assange’s Living Situation

Julian Assange

Perhaps the most entertaining hypocrisy of the liberal left in recent years has beer their condemnation Julian Assange.

The prevailing theory seems to be that Assange, with the help of Russia and Guccifer 2.0, was responsible for the hack that made Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails public…at least according to the liberal left.  And while we may some day find out that this was actually the case, it doesn’t actually matter.

You see, while the left is attempting to create an argument over Assange’s motivations and/or guilt, we are forgetting something far more important and relevant:  That the ends undeniably justified the means.

The American people were able to make a more informed decision because of the leaked emails, no matter where they came from.  This was freedom and democracy, working together, to create harmonious transparency the likes of which may never have occurred before in history.  Arrest whoever you want, because it was very certainly illegal, but it was far from wrong.

Still, Julian Assange is in the crosshairs, and with a sudden change of scenery seemingly moments away.

Staff at the Ecuadorian Embassy have cause for celebration today with the news that they may finally be rid of their long-term house guest  Julian Assange.

The Australian government has confirmed that the  WikiLeaks founder has a new Australian passport after  years without one, and could now return to his  home country.

An official at Australia’s department of foreign affairs and trade confirmed yesterday that “Mr Assange does have an Australian passport”. The timing is good: last year he said that he feared Ecuador was seeking to end his asylum. He has been holed up in the embassy in Knightsbridge since the day he walked in, breaking his UK bail conditions, in 2012.

The Londoner called the embassy this morning and asked for a response to the news of the new passport. A member of staff initially said “no comment” but then added: “He has the right to do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t move on. He could stay here for ever.”
Assange is likely a character whose impact on the world won’t fully be felt until we’ve been somewhat removed from his actions, given the magnitude of just what he’s accomplished so far.

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