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Putin Floored By Girl in Judo Match, Tries to Hide Evidence

Vladimir Putin

For a guy who supposedly infiltrated the highest levels of official American governance, Vladimir Putin sure can’t seem to keep his own image in check.

The Russian strongman has long relied on a powerful optics team to maintain his image as one of the premier bad hombres the planet over.  Whether he’s riding a horse shirtless, or showing off his secret handshake with the Saudi Crown Prince, Putin is likely to exude a fair bit of machismo at all times.

Then, when that image is shattered, it seems as though he’ll go to great lengths to hide it.

A WOMAN floored Russian president Vladimir Putin in a judo sparring session then tried to ‘cover up’ photos of the incident, it has been claimed.

After the 2016 Olympic bronze medal winner Natalia Kuzyutina, 29, tackled the strongman, he got up and kissed her on the head.

But so far images of the moment which left him on the sprawling mat from last night’s fight practice in Sochi have not been released, prompting the Ukrainian media to claim a cover-up by Russian “propaganda” teams.

Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel claimed: “Russian propaganda did not show the unpleasant moment for Putin.”

And no, this wasn’t some brutish Russian bodybuilder responsible for the leader’s bumps and bruises.

Vladimir Putin


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