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New Accountability Act Could Have Hillary and Comey Watching Their Backs

Hillary Clinton

Americans are angry, but with good reason; We have been lied to time and again by the “powers that be”, and they have done so with near-impunity.

Politicians are almost always the most frequent culprit here, constantly telling the American people one thing and then proceeding to do something else entirely, often for the purposes of gaining personal wealth, or staying out of jail.  The fact that a great many of these lies are caught on tape would, in a perfect world, find these taxpayer-funded liars behind bars.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Washington DC operates on the idea that, if you’re a big enough name, you will be considered immune to the charges of perjury or contempt.

Rep Matt Gaetz is looking to change all that.

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced a bill that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper probably won’t like.

The “Justice For All Act” would require equal punishment for those who have lied or lie to Congress, no matter who they are.

“Unfortunately, it often seems that we have a two-tiered justice system at work; certain people have the book thrown at them, while others face no consequences at all for their behavior. This is unfair and wrong, and I hope to correct this with my resolution,” said Gaetz.

The “Justice For All Act” gets an excellent breakdown here:

There is little evidence that democrats will be lining up to support his common sense legislation, as it would certainly affect their ability to fool their constituents into remaining on the left side of the aisle.

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