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This College Basketball Coach Says One Thing Is Most Important To His Team, And It’s Not The Game

What is the most important thing we do with our lives?

For husbands, the answer is often related to their careers and providing for their families. This is noble, but incorrect. If you ask wives, more often than not their answer will have something to do with raising their families and keeping their home. Still a wonderful calling, but still not the right answer.

Some seemingly forgotten confessions from churches long ago answered this question beautifully: we were made to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

For Rick Barnes, this timeless truth is a huge motivator in an unlikely area of his life: his career as the head coach of the all-star college basketball team, the Tennessee Volunteers.

When Barnes leads the Vols to victory on the court, he reminds them that winning isn’t their goal—playing to the best of their ability to the glory of God is.

“It’s important because it’s what we do. I think God has created everything we do. I think He created basketball. I think it’s the platform that we’re supposed to use to be teachers and mentors of young people,” Barnes said in an interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel.

“I hope we’ve taught these guys how to grow up and be good Christian guys, men,” the 30-season veteran coach said at a recent post-game press conference, explaining to reporters that, to him, the quality of his team’s character is infinitely more important than their moves on the court.


“[We] want to understand that this is all kind of fleeting, so we’ve just got to take advantage of it while it’s here.”

How true! We need to do the best we can at everything God has set before us, but we must never forget that it’s all temporary. It’s barely a vapor compared to eternity with our Father.

Ultimately, it’s not our careers, our children, or even our own lives that are the most important thing—it’s what we do with them for the glory of God.

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