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Virtue Signaling Turns Filthy in Left Wing’s Erroneous MAGA-Teen Uproar

virtue signaling

There is little doubt that the story of Monday will be that of a mainstream media botch-job regarding a young man in a red hat in DC over the weekend.

We’ve reported on the incident already in several incarnations, attempting to shed light on the mainstream media’s manipulation of the melee that occurred on the National Mall over the weekend.

Succinctly put, however, the young man in the viral photograph was not there causing a scene, chanting “build the wall”, disparaging anyone, or engaging in any of the other horrid behavior being attributed to him by the mainstream media.  Instead, we have an awkwardly young man in an extremely uncomfortable situation who has stated his intentions were to smile at Native American activist Nathan Philips in order to assure him that he meant no harm.

And, unfortunately for this young man, a photographer was able to capture an angle and a moment in which his smile looked less than genuine…regardless of the intent or the reality of the situation.

Now, the left is having a feeding frenzy thanks to the manufactured uproar, and they have begun to weaponize one of their favorite tactics:  Virtue signaling.

Just take a look at the vitriol on Twitter:

And then there was the predictably inexcusable calls for personal attacks made by Kathy Griffin…

The truth behind the incident is far, far removed from the mainstream media’s narrative, however, and video evidence of the truth is beginning to emerge.

Folks, it’s just about time to turn off those TV’s for good, and get back to being neighborly with one another.  The media is infecting our nation with divisive lies aimed at keeping us occupied with fighting one another.

And don’t think this isn’t purposeful.  In fact, this is the only way in which the media and the ruling class in Congress can keep us from standing united against their creeping tyranny.

There’s a reason we call ourselves “WE The People”; it is to remind us that it’s us against them, not us against us.

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